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California YMCAs Offering Childcare for Essential Workers - More Details >>


Update regarding COVID-19 and California Y's
Published: 03.26.20 - Dear California community members: So much has changed for all of us in the last ten days since we shared our first general update on California YMCAs responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our imperative to stand united as Californians in the face of our challenges is more evident than ever. Above all else, we stand with you in doing everything we can to
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California YMCAs Offering Childcare for Essential Workers
Published: 03.25.20 - Even amidst this statewide shelter-in-place, many YMCAs across California are proud to serve their communities with exemplary programs: offering meals for students and childcare for essential workers. Please view our new resource page to see what resources are offered in your community.
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Message Regarding COVID-19 and California Y's
Published: 03.16.20 - Dear California community members: The YMCA is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone who enters our doors or participates in our programs. YMCAs have been part of California’s communities for over 160 years, providing a space for wellness, community and essential services. As we face concerns over the spread
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How the YMCA Supports Community Health in Sacramento, CA
Published: 02.19.20 -

At the start of the year, the Sacramento Central YMCA partnered with KCRA 3 and Vitalant as one of the location hosts for the annual two-day event, Blood Drive for Life. Donating blood is one of many acts of selflessness one can do. With no shortage of recipients, all it takes is an hour for the entire process of becoming a donor to help save lives.


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Alliance announces hire of new Director of Association Resources, Barb McGaughey
Published: 03.18.19 - The California State Alliance of YMCAs is pleased to announce the hire of our new Director of Association Resources, Barb McGaughey, effective March 18. In this role, Barb will be providing technical assistance to California YMCAs, with an emphasis on strategic planning, board development and partnerships. Barb previously served California YMCAs as our
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