The California State Alliance of YMCAs works closely with the Alliance’s Public Policy Committee to determine our priorities for the legislative year. The Public Policy Committee is comprised of Alliance Members, which are CEOs of local, charitable California YMCAs. While this list is comprehensive of the work we have done in the past, the Alliance is always searching for new opportunities and points of engagement.

Youth Development Priorities Include:

  • Funding for K-12 and afterschool programs
  • Nutrition and physical activity standards for afterschool programs
  • Regulation of childcare, organized camps and youth sports
  • Safe access to education and recreation
  • Increased physical activity in schools
  • Child abuse prevention
  • Funding and regulation of intervention programs for teens and young adults
  • Promoting youth leadership development opportunities
 Healthy Living Priorities Include:
  • Access to healthcare
  • Access to healthy foods
  • Access to opportunities for physical activity in built environment, workplace
  • Education to support healthy dietary choices
  • Funding for programs to prevent and address chronic health conditions
  • Regulation of aquatics and fitness facilities and programs
 Social Responsibility Priorities Include:
  • Preserving tax exempt status for charitable organizations
  • Preserving incentives for charitable giving
  • Regulation of fundraising
  • Regulation of volunteer boards of directors
  • Incentivizing and reducing risks/liability for volunteering